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Postal code fee delivery

You can assign zone based delivery fee by postal code. Each zone will have separate fee based on the postal code assigned to the zone.

This guide will help you set up a delivery fee based on postal codes.

Step 1:

Navigate to the settings of your platform.

Step 2:

From there, proceed to the 'service and delivery' section.

Step 3:

Click on create service.

Step 4:

Assign a title to the service you are creating.

Step 5:

Choose 'delivery' as the service type.

Step 6:

Change the charge method to 'delivery by postal code'.

Step 7:

Click on 'add zone'.

Step 8:

Enter the name, fee, and postal code for the area.

Step 12:

Repeat the process for the second area - enter the area name, the delivery fee, and the postal code.

Step 13:

Once all the information is filled in, click 'save'.

3. The delivery method and fee will be shown on the "Checkout" page

Updated on: 07/03/2024

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