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Enable Map Location/ Pin Location

This feature allows you to let customers pinpoint their exact location on the map. This is ideal when the customers are unable to write down their exact address in the address box due to limitations of the address system in one's country. This is also useful just to give an extra level of detail to the address.

How to enable this feature?

Go to Settings > Services & Delivery
Make sure to select Delivery type
Tick Enable Map Location as shown in the image.

Enable Map Location Screen

Note: Once enabled, it becomes compulsory for your customers to pin their location on the map.

What will customers see?

Customers will be able to see a "Pin location form".
They can drag and drop the map so that the pin will point at their exact address.
They can even describe their location, such as "House near the lake"
Once the pin is at their exact location, they can press Confirm
You will then be able to see their location from Google Maps Link as well as beside the Order Detail Page

Pin Location Form

Where to see pinned location?

You can access their pinned location by scrolling down the invoice and looking at the map
You can also access it by clicking on Google Maps Link in the invoice.

Pinned Location results


Pin location should start at customer's current location if geolocation is allowed on their device
Pin location should start at their address in the form if geolocation is not allowed on their device
Address and pin location are both required if enable map locate enabled
Pinned location is not used to calculate distance>

Updated on: 30/05/2024

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