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Delivery or Pick-up schedule

You can let customers to choose their delivery schedule by showing the delivery date and time picker

Go to Admin > Settings > Services & Delivery > Select the delivery or pick-up option for which you wish to establish a schedule. If you haven't have one, click Create Services

At the bottom part, you can set Schedule then choose the schedule picker that you want to show

- Date: Only show date picker (calendar) on checkout page (based on service hour)
- Date and time: Show both date and 30 minute time picker (based on service hour)
- Date and timeslots: Show both date and preset time-slot picker (based on service hour)

You can also set the service hour to limit your delivery date/time availability. Untick the day(s) that are not included in the weekly schedule.

Now you can see the date and time picker on the checkout page

Date picker on checkout page

Time picker on checkout page

Updated on: 21/03/2024

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