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Delivery fee by distance

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You can show buyers the total of delivery distance between store location and delivery address. Distance will be shown in order message and invoice.

Delivery distance shown in order message

Delivery distance shown in invoice

How to set delivery fee by distance

This guide will help you set up a delivery fee based on distance.

Step 1:

Start by clicking on 'Settings'.

Step 2:

Next, navigate to 'Service and Delivery'.

Step 3:

Click on 'Create Service'.

Step 4:

Enter the name of the service.

Step 5:

Select 'Delivery' as the service type.

Step 6:

Change the charge method to 'By Delivery Distance', set your base location, and then click 'Add Zone'.

Step 7:

Set your store base location address

Step 8:

Click on Add zone

Step 9:

Enter each zone radius (up to a certain km) and the fee for this distance

Step 10:

Then click save

Set additional rules (optional)
Minimum order value is to set minimum purchase amount that customer must meet to proceed with placing an order
Free service minimum spending is to set qualification to get free services, such as free delivery

Updated on: 07/03/2024

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