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Create orders

Let's create an order. Start from your admin dashboard. Click on the name of your store and then click 'Open'.

Now that you see your storefront, add items to your cart. After you've finished, navigate to your cart and click 'Checkout'.

On the checkout page, customers enter their name and phone number, then add items. They can also add more products here if desired.

At this stage, customers have to choose their preferred delivery method. (In subsequent tutorials, you will learn how to add different delivery methods.), Customers enter their delivery address.

Next, customers decide the delivery date and can review the order summary.

Click 'Next'.

At this point, customers will see the available payment methods which can be defined in your payment settings. In our example, the customer chooses the cash-on-delivery payment method.

After confirming the payment method, the customer will receive confirmation of their total amount, order number, and instructions. The payment will be marked as 'pending' as default.

The customer will click 'Send WhatsApp' button, after which they will be redirected to WhatsApp to send the order message.

In this order message, customers will see their order details, delivery schedule, and payment method.

Step 13:

The customer can access an invoice for their order via a link included in the order message. The invoice includes all the necessary details of the order.

Go to Admin dashboard > Orders.

You can then modify the status of the order to 'Confirm'.

You're also able to adjust the payment status to 'Partially Paid' or 'Paid'.

All the changes made will be reflected in the invoice as well.

If a customer requests the payment link via WhatsApp, you can simply copy and share the link to them.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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