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Add payment methods

To add a payment method, navigate to the 'Settings' section in the store dashboard and select 'Payment'.

Here, you will find the option to 'Add Payment Method'.

Upon clicking, a variety of payment method types will be presented to you.

These are categorized into automated and manual payment methods. Automated methods include credit card payments, where you can integrate services like Stripe, PayPal, and other payment gateways. This requires an account with the chosen payment gateway. In this guide, we will focus on adding a manual payment method.

You may see different available methods in your region. Let's proceed with setting up 'Cash on Delivery' first.

You can label this method 'Cash on Delivery' and proceed to add instructions for it. An example instruction to add could be "Prepare the exact amount of cash". After entering the necessary details, remember to save your changes.

Following these steps, the 'Cash on Delivery' method will now be listed among your payment options. Let's add another payment method. We will add 'PayPal' as a manual payment method.

This name can be changed according to your preference. For the PayPal manual payment method, you will need to use a payment link.

If you have a PayPal.Me link, you can enter it here. For our example, we will use the ID 'abc'. After inputting your PayPal link, ensure you save the information.

Let's check how these payments methods will be shown in your payment page. Navigate to the orders section and select any order. Then, proceed to the payment link and click on it.

The payment page will show available payment methods including PayPal and Cash on delivery which you added.

The last two options are the payment methods we have recently added. Select 'cash on delivery'.

This will display the cash on delivery amount, reference number, and any instructions that have been previously set up.

Returning to the previous screen, let's now select the 'PayPal' option.

Here, the payment amount will be shown again, along with a QR code which, when clicked, initiates the payment process. Clicking on the 'make a payment' button will redirect you to the PayPal payment link.

Let's add another payment method - bank transfer.

Add bank name, account number. Add instruction or images if needed. Lastly, there is an option 'Enable contact seller before payment'. Enabling this checkbox will show 'contact seller before payment' button in the payment page.

For merchants who prefer not to offer customers the option to contact sellers before the payment, simply disable the checkbox.

To confirm that the change has been successfully applied, return to the payment page and refresh it. Upon refreshing, a bank transfer option with DBS, which was recently added, should appear.

By clicking on this option, it will become evident that the button or the contact seller option before payment is no longer available, as it has been removed.



Updated on: 23/01/2024

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