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Add delivery method

Let's create delivery method. In store dashboard, you go to settings, and service and delivery, and click create service.

Set delivery method name and description.

Leave Service Type as a delivery. There are different fee options. We will go with flat this time which people will pay the same amount of money every delivery. Fill the delivery fee amount and click save button.

Let's check how deliver method is added in checkout page. To go to checkout page, add any products to cart and click Checkout in your storefront.

You will see that delivery method is added, which is flat $10 fee with description.

Let's add a schedule. Go to Service settings and Schedule section. Choose "Date" option.

Service hours is to define your available days of delivery. Make Sunday and Monday unavailable and save.

You will see that the additional form for selecting a date. If we click, then you will see that Monday and Sundays are unavailable.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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