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Xendit payment

Automate your payment with Xendit (for Indonesia and Philippines).

In order to enable Xendit payment in Take App, follow these instructions:

Go to Admin > Settings > Payment > Click Add payment method and choose Xendit Indonesia or Philippines then click settings

Type your email to create a Xendit account with Take App (existing Xendit account can't be use) and press Connect to Xendit

Follow the verification process from your Xendit Dashboard

Tips: before starting verification process, make sure your Take App storefront showing these element: Product name and price, Store address, Store phone number, and Operation hour

Once all verification has been completed by Xendit team, the account status will change to Live

Now you can receive payments by Xendit from your Take App store

If you need to migrate your existing Xendit account to be Take-App sub-account please connect to Xendit Support team at (read the article)

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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