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PayPal payment

PayPal is one of the most popular way to accept payments from customers. Once you setup PayPal, you can accept not only PayPal but also credit cards payments.

Go to Settings > Organization > Apps > PayPal and connect to PayPal.

Once you get approval from PayPal, add PayPal payment method in your store settings. Then, you will be able to accept PayPal payments.

Your PayPal account is not approved or you need help from PayPal?

Go to PayPal Help Center and message them

Which currencies are available to use?

Your PayPal account currency and Take App store currency should be one of following currencies:
Australian dollar
Brazilian real
Canadian dollar
Chinese Renmenbi
Czech koruna
Danish krone
Hong Kong dollar
Hungarian forint
Israeli new shekel
Japanese yen
Malaysian ringgit
Mexican peso
New Taiwan dollar
New Zealand dollar
Norwegian krone
Philippine peso
Polish złoty
Pound sterling
Russian ruble
Singapore dollar
Swedish krona
Swiss franc
Thai baht
United States dollar

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Updated on: 13/10/2023

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