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Stripe payment

Stripe is the world leading payment gateway and you can accept Credit, Debit cards and other local payment methods (learn more)

In order to enable Stripe payment in Take App, follow these instructions:

Go to Settings > Integrations

Click Stripe settings

Click on Connect and follow the procedure for Stripe business registration

Stripe business registration

The requirements for registering your business are:
a. Business basics (location, unique entity number, type)
b. Personal details (nationality, DOB, address, phone, national identification number)
c. Business details (industry, website, description)
d. Bank (name, branch, account number)
e. Business descriptor (in receipts etc.)
f. Review and submit

After registration, you should see the following screen (connection will be completed after Stripe verify all the document):

Stripe connection complete

To enable payouts, complete all your business information.

Once you create a Stripe payment method in the Settings > Payments, your customers should see the following screen when paying with Stripe:
Final result

Change payment methods in Stripe

In Stripe, there are a number of available payment methods. You can turn on and off them.

Navigate to the Stripe dashboard and its settings. Locate the payment method section where you can manage your available payment methods. Note that you can select a different Stripe account if needed, located at the top left corner.

In the payment methods section, you'll find a list of currently available and enabled payment methods. If you wish to disable a specific payment method, such as Apple Pay, simply click on the corresponding option.

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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