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Note that you must be in Premium Plan or higher to use this feature

Pocket is a Brunei-based payment gateway which allows users the ease of making instant payment by simply scanning a QR code. With it, you can accept credit cards and mobile wallet payments from clients in Brunei and automatically be notified when they have paid.

How to add Pocket as payment method?

Ensure your store currency is BND. You can change store currency by visiting Store > Details.

Go to Admin > Settings > Payments and click Add payment method.

Choose Pocket and make sure to hit "Save".

Click Pocket Settings to complete the setup by keying in your API Key and Salt.

How to find your Pocket API Key and Salt ?

Log in to your Pocket account dashboard

Sign up there and once signed up, you can submit all the documents required.

Application Form & Merchant Service Agreement
Business Registration License section 16 & 17
Bank Account Statement Letterhead
Identity Card with signature of Director
1 photo of Business Logo for directory purpose
1 photo of Product Banner for announcement purpose

Once approved, go to Manage Keys to find your API Key and Salt.

How to find your API Key and Salt

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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