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Note that you must be in Premium Plan or higher to use this feature

Payhere is one of Sri Lanka's online payment gateway service with the largest customer base. With it, you can accept credit cards and mobile wallet payments from clients and automatically be notified when they have paid.

How to add Payhere as payment method?

Ensure your store currency is LKR. You can change store currency by visiting Store > Details.

Go to Admin > Settings > Payments and click Add payment method.

Choose Payhere and make sure to hit "Save".

Click Payhere Settings to complete the setup by keying in your Merchant ID and Merchant secret.

Payhere settings on Take App

How to find your Payhere Merchant ID and Merchant Secret ?

Log in to your Payhere account dashboard

Sign up there and once signed up, you can activate your account by going through the KYC process.

Go to Integrations on the left-hand side menu. You will immediately see your Merchant ID. Copy that to Payhere Settings on Take App.

Click on +Add Domain/App, and choose Domain. enter Then copy your Merchant Secret associated with the domain, to the Payhere Settings on Take App.

Adding Domain/App on Payhere

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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