How Workflow Quota works?

WhatsApp Workflow Messages Quota

Q: What is the WhatsApp workflow messages quota?
The WhatsApp workflow messages quota is a limit set on the number of automatic messages that can be sent from Take App’s WhatsApp account as part of your workflow. These messages could include notifications, confirmations, and updates automatically triggered by certain actions within your store.

Q: How many WhatsApp workflow messages can I send with my plan?
The quota varies by plan:

Basic Plan: Up to 5 conversations
Premium Plan: Up to 50 conversations
Business Plan: Up to 150 conversations

Q. What is "Converation-based pricing"?
"Conversation-based pricing" which is a billing strategy on the WhatsApp Business Platform, where businesses are charged for conversations with customers within a 24-hour window, instead of per message. Check more details in WhatsApp website

Q: Does this quota affect messages from customers?
No, direct messages received from customers are not affected by this quota. You will continue to receive an unlimited number of messages from your customers.

Q: How can I monitor my WhatsApp message usage?
You can monitor your usage through the "Settings > Billing" section within your Take App dashboard. This will help you keep track of how many messages you've sent and how many are left within your current billing cycle.

Emails Quota

Q: What is the emails quota?
The emails quota is the limit on the number of automated workflow emails you can send to customers and staff. This includes any automated email notifications set up as part of your store’s operations.

Q: How many emails can I send with my plan?
The allocated quotas per plan are:

Basic Plan: Up to 50 emails
Premium Plan: Up to 500 emails
Business Plan: Up to 1,500 emails

Q: What happens if I exceed my quota?
If you exceed your allocated quota for either WhatsApp messages or emails, you may need to upgrade your plan to increase your quota or wait until the next billing cycle for the quota to reset.

Q: Can I buy additional quota if I need more?
Currently, additional quotas can be managed by upgrading to a higher plan. For specific needs or exceptions, please contact our support team for assistance.

For more detailed information on pricing and the benefits included in each plan, please visit Take App Pricing

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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