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Note that you must be in Premium Plan or higher to use this feature

DPO Group is Africa's leading payment service provider, offering solutions for credit cards and mobile wallets.

How to add DPO as payment method?

Set your country as one of the countries supported by DPO under Settings > Store Details

DPO Countries

Go to Admin > Settings > Payments and click Add payment method.

Choose DPO and make sure to hit "Save".

Click DPO Settings to complete the setup by keying in your DPO Company Token

DPO Settings on Take App

How to find your DPO Company Token and what to do thereafter?

Sign up for a merchant account at the official DPO website. You should receive an email containing your DPO company token.

Once you get your merchant token, you can key this into Take App.

Ensure your Take App store currency is same as your DPO account currency. You can change Take App store currency by visiting Store > Details.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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