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Bulk product upload with CSV file

This article is a guide on how to import products from a CSV file using TakeApp. The steps are straightforward and will allow you to efficiently import your product data.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Admin > Products. You will find the Import button.

Step 2:

Click on the Import button. This action will present you with a modal for the product upload. Proceed by selecting the option to upload the product using CSV.

Step 3:

Browse and select the CSV file containing your products. Once the CSV file is selected, you will be able to map which column in the CSV file corresponds to which destination column. If you are using our template file, this step will be straightforward. However, if you are using a custom CSV file from another platform, you will need to select the columns carefully.

Step 4:

After the columns are mapped correctly, click the Continue button. You will then see which rows of the CSV file will be imported. You will be able to verify the names of the products being imported, their descriptions, categories, and variant names.

Step 5:

Next, click the Submit button to complete the import process. You will receive a confirmation of successful import. Click Done to finalize the process. At this point, the imported products, for example, "Pasta" and "Apple Pie", will be added to your product list.

Step 6:

To verify the import, you can check the details of the imported products. For instance, if you check "Apple Pie", you will see that it has three variants: small, medium, and large. Each variant is identified under the "Apple Pie" product using a specific handle.

Step 7:

For products imported without variants, such as "Pasta", you will see that it has no variant and only a single price.

- Products without ProductID and VariantID are considered new products
- Products with same handle will be imported as variants of the same product.
- Categories from the CSV will be added, not changed. If you input empty category, the current category won't be removed.

Updated on: 07/01/2024

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